Welcome to your professional "virtual" office.


Our  mission is to provide our clients with the most professional, accurate,  and high quality bookkeeping services available in a virtual office  setting. 

Just Breathe Bookkeeping works remotely from our locations in Canton and Truro, MA. Your  accounting information/documents are delivered to our office and your  bookkeeping is conducted at our location using our QuickBooks system.

If you require real-time access to your financial information, we will utilize QuickBooks Online. With QuickBooks Online, you have the freedom to work where and when you want - you're not bound to a single physical location. Simply sign in from any Internet-connected PC or Mac, iPhone™, BlackBerry® or Android-ready device. 

By  using virtual staff, you will reduce overhead expenses on office space,  furniture, copiers, fax machines and computer equipment. Ensuring  that your bookkeeping is up-to-date and housed in one central system  provides a sense of organization and simplifies the processes at  year-end.